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Learning and School Readiness


Learning requires the combination of attention and concentration, language, memory, problem solving, organization, and the ability to plan and sequence thoughts. Learning challenges can be seen in academic learning as well as practical learning. Poor behavior in learning environments is often the initial indicator of these challenges, as the child may try to avoid or disengage from situations that are difficult for them.

Occupational and Speech Therapists are trained to help children develop the foundational skills that allow learning to occur in all forms and settings.   


Children who have learning difficulties can struggle with:

  • Maintaining attention, appearing easily distracted

  • Using appropriate behaviors

  • Recalling skills that were previously learned

  • Applying knowledge that was previously learned

  • Understanding new concepts

  • Consistently remembering skills or knowledge

  • Seeing similarities between concepts

  • Generalizing information between tasks

  • Written expression

  • Using language in an ordered and logical way

  • Learning to read, write and spell

  • Time management

  • Gathering of and organization of materials

  • Learning from their mistakes

  • Appearing interested in interactions

  • Seeing the big picture of a task or situation

  • Predicting what might happen next

  • Planning out a story or school project

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