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  • Diagnoses

  • What are diagnoses?

  • Diagnoses are names used to label a specific set of symptoms that are being experienced by a child.

  • What does a diagnoses really mean for a child?

  • The diagnosis or labelling of the cluster of symptoms then helps to narrow down and specifically tailor:

  • What other issues commonly occur simultaneously.

  • What medication might be appropriate.

  • What therapies might help the child (e.g. Medical, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychology).

  • What the course of intervention (medical and/or allied health) might be and what outcome might be expected (prognosis).

  • What can be done to help the child.

  • Why are diagnoses helpful?

  • A diagnosis helps the child and their carers (parents, teachers, health professionals, carers) to:

  • Access information about the relevant cluster of symptoms.

  • Communicate the salient features of the child’s challenges to all people involved in the child’s care.

  • Possibly interpret certain behaviors differently in light of the diagnosis.

  • Obtain information about what can be done to help the child.

  • Determine specifically where and how to help the child.

  • Access funding or services that might not otherwise be accessible.

Some of the Diagnoses We Assist With

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