Image by Pedram Farjam

Leslee Gaston


Leslee has been a pediatric Physical Therapy Assistant since 2013 and has been at BHPT since July 2020. She loves getting to help kids and their families achieve their dreams – all while playing games! Leslee’s favorite thing about BHPT is the care and compassion everyone on the team has for the kiddos and their families. She also loves our interdisciplinary environment and the collaboration between PT, OT, and Speech (and feeding!). Leslee has a passion for aquatic therapy, but really loves everything about being a PTA. No two days are the same, which keeps her interested! When she isn’t at work, Leslee loves to travel and watch her kids in their extracurricular activities and sports. Leslee loves sports – she even went to college on a football scholarship!

Image by Pedram Farjam

Courtney Townsend


Courtney graduated from Langston University in 2020 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She started at BHPT shortly after in April in 2021. Courtney loves being a pediatric physical therapist because she gets to help kids of all ages regain strength and mobility and meet age-appropriate gross motor milestones. She enjoys educating and empowering parents to help their kids reach their goals. Courtney says nothing is more rewarding than seeing a kid’s and their parents’ joy when they master a skill they couldn’t do before coming to PT. She particularly loves working with babies and helping them reach crucial milestones. Courtney also enjoys helping athletes perform their best in an activity they love - she danced for 12 years and knows how important sports can be! Courtney loves the service oriented atmosphere at BHPT, and how the clinic has made it a priority to give back to the community as well as to provide a loving and supportive workplace environment. In her free time, Courtney enjoys spending time with her family and reading the Harry Potter series.


Jenna Zervas


Jenna has been a Physical Therapist for 26 years and has been on the BHPT team for 1.5 years. Jenna really enjoys the problem solving aspect of physical therapy, and loves developing creative ways to fix whatever isn’t working correctly in someone’s movement. Some of her favorite interventions are foot biomechanics, and she is our orthotics queen! She loves BHPT because of the people and the fun team environment. Jenna love working with babies and spent several years working in the NICU at St. John’s Hospital in Tulsa. She even developed a baby exercise program called Baby Builders! With 5 kids of her own, Jenna doesn’t have much free time, but she does enjoy working out with her husband Chris and watching adventure movies.

Image by Pedram Farjam

Jena Harmon


Jena recently became a Physical Therapy Assistant and started her career at BHPT. She completed some of her PTA clinicals at BHPT, and is so excited to continue learning from the wonderful coworkers and mentors she has at the clinic! Jena loves pediatrics because of the variety in every treatment session. There is always something new to learn and room to grow! Jena decided to come back to BHPT because of the loving, supportive environment we have. She is excited to learn more about vision therapy and how impactful it can be! When she isn’t at work, Jena likes to work out with her husband and spend time with her kids.