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Speech and Language

Communication is imperative to the daily lives of all children. Communication includes the understanding of language, as well as the expression of language. Expressive communication can be done via movements, gestures, vocalizations, words, symbols, or the use of a communication system such as an augmentative and alternative (AAC) device. Without a functional communication system, children are left with no means to effectively communicate their wants and needs to those around them. 


Speech pathologists specialize in assessing and treating an array of communication disorders, in order to help children develop systems that fit their unique needs and allow them to interact meaningfully with their communication partners. 


At Bartlesville Hope Pediatric Therapy, our speech pathologists have experience treating children with a variety of needs, including, but not limited to: 


  • Apraxia 

  • Articulation

  • Expressive Language (use of language)

  • Feeding

  • Fluency/stuttering 

  • Pragmatic language (social language)

  • Receptive language (understanding of language)


Communication is a life-long necessity, and we specialize in working with children ages 0-21 years of age. 

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